Top 10 Kitchen Paint Color Ideas 2021

Reenergizing your kitchen, the heart of your home, is as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint. There is no better time than the turn of the century to liven up your home. If you’ve repainted a room or your kitchen, you know that a new paint color can transform the entire room. To transform a kitchen into a brilliant new space, you can paint the walls, cabinets, kitchen island, and other features. Painting a combination of features in the kitchen can even have the same effect as a remodel! Before you call for residential painting services, make sure to check out this guide to the top 10 kitchen paint color ideas 2020!

This will give you a little inspiration and information on how to freshen up your life.

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Kitchen Paint Ideas

The kitchen brings the family together. Meals, drinks, laughs, fun, and games are shared with family and friends here. This room truly can set the tone and the mood of the interactions to be had.

A bright and warm color will surely liven up your kitchen and it will even liven up your connections with people.

These are the best colors to do just that.


The ‘70s are making a groovy comeback, fast and hard. Pairing terra cotta walls with avocado green, yellow, gray, and creamy white.

Using a classic color palette right out of the ‘70s is a sure way to bring love and peace into the kitchen. Maybe it will even inspire you to make a classic dish from that time era — watergate salad.

Muted Green

Although not bright, muted green colors offer a subtle warm comfort…almost like an invitation into the space. This subdued color is sure to bring presence into your home.

This shade has a similar refreshing effect in the same way that lively house plants do. It can encourage breathing and relaxation. Bringing an earthy feel into your home is grounding.

Warm White

A little basic yes, but this is a shade that will undoubtedly bring in more light and life to your kitchen. The dreamy shade can transform a kitchen into an idyllic space.

It is easy to match anything to this shade in your kitchen, which makes it an extremely practical paint choice. The warm tones in the white do pair well with rose, copper, and gold metallic accents in the appliances and such.

Shine a light into your home with this transformation.

Ocean Blue

You can never go wrong with changing up your kitchen to mimic the life of the ocean. How much more serene can you get?

A restorative energy and instantaneous sense of inner-peace are what you will experience once you spend time in a kitchen with this color. More beach tones can be integrated into the design of the kitchen. Add white cabinets and sand-colored floors to enhance the feeling of being at the sea.

Glidden Red

A bold pop of color, like glidden red, has a strong influence on the mind. It can energize your mood and even stimulate your appetite.

Warmth, love, comfort, and excitement are classic characteristics of red. What a perfect energy to bring into your home just with a color. Classic accent colors are red, black, and blue.

Cornflower Blue

This fun and playful blue is a great way to liven up your kitchen. A blue shade like this will energize the kitchen and lighten the mood.

It goes well on a patterned tile and when paired with white and yellow. Why not transform your kitchen into a whimsical dream?

Hunter Green

This is a trendy pop of color that can modernize any kitchen. A strong green color like this can help you connect with the earth without even leaving your kitchen. Hunter green provokes tranquility and good health. For a fresh and calming effect in your home, this is the color for you!

Drywall Types

Before hiring a drywall contractor, it is beneficial to be informed about which type of drywall you are looking to add or repair in your home.

Dark Plum

Although not a bright color, dark plum can still warm up your home. With a calming effect on the mind and nerves, it is easy to feel at home with this color.

If you’re longing for a dramatic addition to your home, this is the simple way to do it.

Pale Blue

Any shade of blue is a great color to realign your kitchen, but soft blues elicit serenity and peace. With the proper accent colors and appliances, this can be the dream kitchen that you never knew you wanted.

Accent colors like yellow, shades of pink, and white would be perfect.

Sunflower Yellow

A classic color to brighten up any space, a sunflower yellow kitchen will uplift moods and initiate a welcoming atmosphere. Like a sunny day, family and friends will soak up the vibe and the meals like they soak up the sun.


Kitchen Design

When you paint your kitchen, you will feel like you have a brand new kitchen. Why not elevate it even more with accent colors, features, and design. These are some picturesque design ideas:

Stacked Shelves. Scrap your cabinets and opt-in for stacked shelving instead. Floating shelves enlarge and brighten the space in the kitchen, especially when paired with a white color.

Tie Up Loose Ends. Sometimes all a new paint job longs for are the finishing touches to pull together the whole look of the kitchen. Update your hardware and plateware to compliment the new paint color.

Cover it With Tile. You can cover up your old paint color with some fresh spanish inspired tile. Or integrate tile into the kitchen to compliment the new paint color. It adds a classy and quaint feel.

Pot Rack As Decor. Copper potware hung up on a decorative rack doubles in functionality and aesthetic. Let the people know that you cook…but that you cook in style. Installing the pot rack is an easy addition to complete the vibe of the space.

All White Everything. No, this hasn’t gone out of style. Brightness and light never will. Monochromatic white modernizes and brightens any living space.

Let Your Wall Live. Living walls are all the rage. Trending more, now than ever, are excessive amounts of house plants and even in-home gardens.

Stand-Out Backsplash. A backsplash paired with your new paint color will transform your kitchen. There are many designs to choose from to complement the color.

Two-Tone Cabinets. Multi-colored cabinets are a great way to liven up the room. Accent colors enhance the space and make the kitchen look more inviting.

Kitchen Paint Location

The possibilities are as endless as all the tones of paint that there are. You have to choose your palette — primary, accent, and neutral colors. You should have a design in mind as well. It is important to note that one color does not fit all kitchens. Different size kitchens call for different color walls.

Don’t forget about your cabinets, ceilings, floors, doors, and other kitchen features. Those can all be painted/swapped out to get as close to a kitchen remodel as possible, but without the cost or invasiveness of it all.

Paint truly rejuvenates a home, what better way to start than at its heart?

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